This blog will focus on DevOps  Productivity with everything in between.


Self-taught with an endless curiosity for efficiency while perfecting DevOps skills.

Designing, planning, building, and operating high-scale workloads using the latest cutting-edge technologies with security in mind.

Custom tailoring CI/CD methodologies around AWS with microservice architectures, using Kubernetes, ArgoCD, and others.

Implementing GitHub flow and GitOps best practices while focusing on zero downtime deployments.

Infrastructure-as-code centric with minimal human intervention using Terraform.


Adopted and customized among others: Getting things done (GTD), Second brain and, Sharpen the saw methodologies for every aspect such as family, work and, sleep.

Approaching every obstacle with a Why worry mindset.

Using tools like Notion, Zapier, timeOS, and many others to multiply time effectively, and continuously optimize the remote setup.